Where comfort and innovation form a perfect harmony for your heating system.

Be worry-free with a 15-year warranty on radiators.

With our certified quality backed by a 15-year warranty, we guarantee you superior thermal conductivity and unsurpassed heating efficiency. Not only that, our radiators are also extremely light, compatible with heat pumps and 100% recycled, which contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. These are just a few reasons why AKLIMAT radiators are the right choice for you.

We are proud to reveal many unique advantages of AKLIMAT aluminum radiators when compared to competing products. Our radiators exceed expectations in terms of quality, efficiency and durability, which enables extremely comfortable and economical heating. Discover the difference our technology makes and ensure the best heating experience for your home or business premises.

Revolutionary cartridge

Finally prevent the hammer effect and enjoy peace and comfort

Forget the knocking and the unpleasant sound of water hitting.

With our innovative change, intensive development and precise testing, we have completely redesigned the valve cartridge adapter for thermostatic heads. We managed to achieve a water flow that effectively prevents the annoying hammer effect and thus achieves silent and efficient operation. Forget about knocking and the unpleasant sound of water hitting. Our advanced cartridge is designed to provide peace and comfort in your home.

Advanced cartridge adapter

Full adaptability for different thermostatic heads

Don't limit yourself to the very selection of thermostatic heads anymore.

Introducing our redesigned plastic cartridge adapter that brings revolutionary flexibility. Now you can use cartridges from various well-known manufacturers, such as Heimeier, Danfos, Herz, and many others.

This innovation allows you to adjust the thermostatic heads according to your wishes and needs. Above all, it is invaluable in projects where designers require the use of thermostatic heads from a specific manufacturer. Whether you want to use heads from a well-known manufacturer or combine different types, our adapter ensures seamless compatibility.

Innovative central connection

Extremely easy and flexible installation with central H-connections

Without restrictions and complicated procedures, simply move the cartridge and you will get the desired direction of hot water supply.

When installing radiators, more and more designers are opting for a central connection, and for good reason! With this innovative connection, you have complete freedom to manipulate the length of the radiator which is the same on the left and right. It is especially important that the radiator is always visually in the center of the window, regardless of its length. And that's why we developed a special diverter that will make your installation experience even easier and more flexible.

Our special diverter allows the water flow to rise through the joint and then geyser left and right down the radiator towards the outlet. The special feature of our diverter is the possibility of connecting the hot water supply to the RIGHT or LEFT side. Without the need to disassemble the radiator, just move the cartridge to determine the direction of the hot water supply. This is especially important when replacing sheet metal radiators with aluminum ones, since sheet metal radiators have a hot water inlet on the LEFT side.


As many as 50 connection heights for perfect installation

We are proud to present our outstanding advantage – as many as 50 standardized connection heights which you cannot find with any other radiator manufacturer.

Why is this so important? Simple. With this revolutionary achievement, we have enabled installers to carry out the installation of the radiator without tampering with or changing the supply pipes and connections. They simply close the valve, remove the old radiator and connect our new AKLIMAT radiator with the desired connection height. No unnecessary effort, no complicated adjustments – just a clean and quick replacement.

We wanted to make it easier for you to install radiators so that you can focus on what is really important – creating a comfortable and pleasant space. There is no longer any need for long searches for suitable connection heights or adjustments. With our radiators, you will have a wide range of options to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.


A revolutionary solution resistant to high pH levels of water

When designing the perfect heating system, it is crucial to choose radiators that are up to the challenges of different water sources.

With aluminum radiators, it is possible to achieve superior efficiency when filling with potable water or main water with the appropriate pH range. But what happens when water in heating plants is treated with additives and reaches a higher pH?

This is where our innovative bimetallic radiators with steel pipes inserted in the radiator profile come into play. These radiators are created to work in a wider pH range, from 5 to 11. This means that they are an ideal choice for those who have limited control over water quality or live in multi-apartment buildings where water with a high pH comes directly from the heating plant to the user.


A revolutionary solution for double the thermal power in a limited space

What to do when we are faced with the challenge of limited space, but at the same time we need exceptional thermal power?

In our search for the perfect solution, we developed an innovative free-standing floor console that can accommodate as many as two radiators in parallel. This advanced system makes it possible to double the heat output over the same length, which means you can achieve extremely efficient heating without compromise.

Our two-row freestanding console is designed to use every centimeter of space and allows you to make optimal use of thermal energy. With it, you can install two radiators in parallel, which means double the amount of heat for your comfort. This is the ideal solution for situations where you need powerful heating on low radiators or for long radiators that reach several meters.


Innovative single-arm and dual-arm radiator bracket

Our single-arm and dual-arm radiator brackets are the ultimate solution for hanging towels, combining functionality and style.

When creating the perfect heating system, we also focused on the aesthetic and functional addition to your bathroom. That's why we developed an innovative single-arm and dual-arm flat aluminum radiator bracket that combines elegance with an advanced fastening system, which saves you time and effort.

When installing these brackets, you no longer need to remove the radiators – you can simply upgrade your existing heating system with them.Their flat aluminum design provides aesthetic appeal while allowing for efficient towel drying.


Discover unlimited color options for your radiator and complement your space in a unique way

Do you want radiators to adapt to your space? We are a recognized manufacturer of aluminum radiators, and our offer includes a wide range of radiators in RAL colors.

We work with you to create a radiator that perfectly matches your taste and interior design style. Whether you want a classic white, a bold vibrant color or a sleek metallic shade, we have the right solution for you.

In addition to a wide selection of RAL colors, we also offer you the option of choosing between structural and special color coatings, which are available at favorable prices. In this way, you can create a unique and distinct look that will perfectly adapt to your premises. Our experts will help you choose colors that will suit your style and allow you to elevate your space to a higher level of elegance.

Do not limit yourself to the choice of standard colors – choose a color that will perfectly adapt to your taste and radiate your personality. With our color options, you will be able to stand out and create real visual appeal in any room.


Unsurpassed adaptability of attachments for your needs

We proudly present Aklimat radiators which offer the widest selection of possible connections of all the aluminum radiators.

Thanks to the innovative articulated assembly and the 1" threaded head, we allow you to install a variety of diverters, valves, shutters and more.

Our radiators are true masters of customization, as they allow you to create a perfect heating system according to your wishes. Whether you need special connections for temperature regulation, easy flow adjustment or other functionalities, our radiators will provide everything you need.


Antimicrobial paint for hospitals

We are proud to present our special paint which is intended for use in hospitals and provides exceptional protection against microbes.

We have collaborated with a top supplier known for their advanced technology to bring you a revolutionary solution for your hospital environment. Our paint is carefully formulated to actively fight germs while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your radiators.

At the customer's request, each radiator can be covered with our antimicrobial coating which acts as a strong shield, destroys microbes, and ensures a safe and hygienic environment in hospitals and other areas where this is crucial.

Top radiators for the future

Hybrid mode of operation for comfortable and sustainable heating

With our radiators, you can use various energy sources and achieve the most optimal and environmentally friendly heating of your home.

We present to you our revolutionary technology of hybrid operation which combines economy, efficiency, and sustainability.

With the possibility of using different energy sources, you can adapt the heating system to your needs and current conditions. You can choose from traditional sources such as gas, oil, or take advantage of the possibility of connecting to an electrical supply. This gives you greater flexibility in adapting the heating system to local conditions and improves cost efficiency.

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