The best decision for your home – aluminum radiators that bring comfort, elegance, and energy savings

The innovative line of aluminum Aklimat radiators will charm you with its superior quality, performance, and aesthetic appearance which will shine in your heating system.

The entire product line is designed to meet diverse customer needs, while offering a number of technical advantages and solutions for specific market challenges.

A unique feature of all our radiators, except the Villa model, is their modular design. They consist of individual parts, which enables optimal adaptation to specific spaces and the fulfillment of the unique wishes of our customers.

Regardless of the size of the room, the shape of the walls or other special features, our radiators adapt to your requirements, which means that you have exceptional flexibility in selection and installation.


Radiators to your liking – adjustable heights and limitless color combinations

We are also proud of the adjustable connection heights, which are a common feature of our radiators.

This means that you can avoid unnecessary problems and interference with existing connection heights, as you can easily connect our radiators to already existing connection points. This saves time and costs during installation and ensures flawless operation of the heating system.

We are a unique provider on the market, as we can manufacture custom-made radiators even in small batches and in an extremely short time frame. The ability to adapt to customer orders allows us to create radiators that perfectly meet their needs and expectations. Regardless of the complexity and uniqueness of the project, we are committed to ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.

We also offer a wide range of color options, which is another advantage of our product line. Thus, you can choose a radiator that perfectly adapts to the style and aesthetics of your room. In addition, we have our own powder coating which ensures consistently high color quality and durability.

The advantages of the aluminum radiators we offer are exceptional compared to iron radiators. Aluminum is a material with excellent heat conductivity, which means that the room is heated quickly and efficiently. In addition, aluminum is light and resistant to rust, which extends the life of radiators and reduces the need for maintenance. Aluminum is also a fully recyclable material, which contributes to sustainable development and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

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